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Spud Smart For Life

Here’s a terrifying fun fact: the fries at some fast food franchises can contain up to 19 ingredients! 19 ingredients? How much pampering and tampering does one little spud need?

At Benny Burger, our fugly little spuds are transformed into delicious, golden, crispy fries with just the addition of oil and salt….because we believe our potatoes are beautiful just the way they are.
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Is the potatoes natural habitat, regardless of whether in the ground or out at sea, in a plane, or on a boat? The longer a vegetable sits the more nutritional value it loses. So our 100% Australian-grown spuds stay snug in the soil at Gembrook Farm, nurtured in accordance with the strictest quality control standards.


Through minimal transport and packaging controls, operations at Gembrook Farm have reduced raw material wastage by 80%.

Brother and sister team, Anthony Faillar and Christina de Souza accept nothing but the best, and we all know a tight ship makes for a good chip.


Ever heard of Dimethypolysiloxane?

No, it’s not a German thrash metal band. It’s actually a form of silicone used in hair products, silly putty, and some fast food French fries.

Call us simple, but we prefer to fashion our fries the old fashioned way; dig ‘em, fry ‘em, salt ‘em.
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