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Have a hankering for a burger that is more fruit de mare, less fresh from the farm? Fancy a bit of fish between those buns?

Well fantasise no more. Our resident fish-whisperer, Mark Eather, has you covered.

The Eather Ethos pays tribute to traditional methods of line fishing. Each haul comprises only fish caught #onebyone, unlike commercial operations which employ trawling, dredging, netting and auto-lining. As a result, over 70% of the worlds fish species are depleted or fully decimated, not to mention the marine environments.

Using an age-old Japanese line-fishing method called Ike-jime, Mark puts to rest each and every catch as quickly and humanely as possible. The result? Outstanding quality, clean catch, clear conscience, without any damage to the environment and the ocean’s delicate eco-systems.
Perhaps best of all, Mark brings to the Benny Burger grill only what the sea, and the season offers up.