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Life for the layers of eggs for most Big Business fast food franchises aint all that it’s cracked up to be. Battery-farming, malnutrition, disease and cruelty are part and parcel with cutting costs on mass production. in Australia alone, upward of 12 million chickens are locked away in tiny cages with barely room to move. No amount of bargain burgers will ever make up for, or justify, such inhumane practises.

Which is why we here at Benny, in creating the best ever burger, have gone to the Burds….
For over fifty years the Free-range hens of Goulburn Valley Farm have been doing just what the name suggests: ranging, roaming, rambling free! The Burd families’ bird family (pun intended and really rather unavoidable) are such happy, healthy hens that Goulburn Valley Farm is the first to have been awarded the RSPCA’s official tick of approval for their egg-ceptional quality eggs. In these parts, chook satisfaction is the number 1 priority. Because happy, healthy hens lay happy, healthy eggs. #chickenrun #bornfree #freeasabird