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When it comes to assembling the ultimate cheeseburger, how do you ensure the perfect melt, every time?

Sadly, our friends in the fast food chain came up with the brilliant idea of blending second rate milk with PALM OIL!?!?

Aside from some Palm Oils decimating the rainforests of Borneo, it does NOTHING FOR THE TASTE.

Enter the good folk from Timboon, amid the lush green pastures of Gippsland, Victoria. Here, the Schulz family have been tending their small herds of Freisian and Jersey cows since 1971, producing pure, organic, biodynamic, sustainable dairy products.

At Schulz dairy, the only miles this milk travels is from cow, to churn, to Benny Burger: set, sliced and ready to serve with only the addition of natural cultures and a whole lotta love.
At Benny Burger, we guarantee the perfect melt, everytime, with the kind of flavour Mother Nature can be truly proud of.
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