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Any Old MacDonald can have a farm, but running a sleek and streamlined organic business with a focus on animal welfare? That’s a different story…

Meet the team behind Arcadian, a like-minded brotherhood of family farmers, which in the last decade, has blossomed into the largest network of organic producers in Australia.

Arcadian’s philosophy: family-focussed farming, creating the purest, most organically-sound product, ensures happy, healthy cows, free to roam, and free from synthetic chemicals and HGP’s (Hormone Growth Promotants…yuck)

So why is that important to Benny? Because it guarantees a better burger: clean, green, and certified organic.
#healthybeefhappyburger #nobull


Have a hankering for a burger that is more fruit de mare, less fresh from the farm? Fancy a bit of fish between those buns?

Well fantasise no more. Our resident fish-whisperer, Mark Eather, has you covered.

The Eather Ethos pays tribute to traditional methods of line fishing. Each haul comprises only fish caught #onebyone, unlike commercial operations which employ trawling, dredging, netting and auto-lining. As a result, over 70% of the worlds fish species are depleted or fully decimated, not to mention the marine environments.

Using an age-old Japanese line-fishing method called Ike-jime, Mark puts to rest each and every catch as quickly and humanely as possible. The result? Outstanding quality, clean catch, clear conscience, without any damage to the environment and the ocean’s delicate eco-systems.
Perhaps best of all, Mark brings to the Benny Burger grill only what the sea, and the season offers up.


When it comes to assembling the ultimate cheeseburger, how do you ensure the perfect melt, every time?

Sadly, our friends in the fast food chain came up with the brilliant idea of blending second rate milk with PALM OIL!?!?

Aside from some Palm Oils decimating the rainforests of Borneo, it does NOTHING FOR THE TASTE.

Enter the good folk from Timboon, amid the lush green pastures of Gippsland, Victoria. Here, the Schulz family have been tending their small herds of Freisian and Jersey cows since 1971, producing pure, organic, biodynamic, sustainable dairy products.

At Schulz dairy, the only miles this milk travels is from cow, to churn, to Benny Burger: set, sliced and ready to serve with only the addition of natural cultures and a whole lotta love.
At Benny Burger, we guarantee the perfect melt, everytime, with the kind of flavour Mother Nature can be truly proud of.
#palmoilfree #cheezepleeze #mothernature’smilk


Bread, the staff of life…and lets face it, a burger just ain’t a burger unless it’s wrapped in a decent bap.

Benny Burger sources its beautiful baps from Burnham Bakery in Victoria’s picturesque Dandenongs. Here, classic technique and state-of-the-art facilities harmonise with premium, biodynamic ingredients to create honest, artisan baked goods, rich in vitamins and minerals, and full of flavour.

At Benny Burger, we pride ourselves on achieving awesome taste, without sacrificing nutrition. Big Business can keep their preservatives and emulsifiers. Let the supermarkets stack their shelves with loaves packed with more chemicals than a rock bands rider, we prefer to lovingly nurture our dough, and enhance its flavour with natures bounty, not flavour enhancers.

Benny Burger Baps are here for a good time, not a long time.

So why not wrap your laughing gear around a fresh bap bun at Benny Burger today?
#guaranteedtogetarise #bestthingsinceslicedbread


Thanks to hashtags, foodporn, and the rise of the celebrity chef, Wagyu has come to be crowned the King of Beef. Promising brilliant burger patties, bar none.

It is a reputation richly deserved, for this unique breed of cattle, hailing from Japan, is all about the fat. Full-bodied, full-flavoured, full of fabulous fat. GOOD fat! With long chain Omega 3’s and 30% more heart-healthy fatty acids than your average breed of cow.

Blackmore Wagyu’s unique breeding program combines Japan’s three most famous Wagyu bloodlines to produce the finest cattle in size, fertility and, of course, flavour!

From paddock to plate, producing Benny’s Wagyu Burger takes four long, hungry years….but after just one bite, you will agree, it is worth the wait.
#patienceisavirtue #fat=flavour


Life for the layers of eggs for most Big Business fast food franchises aint all that it’s cracked up to be. Battery-farming, malnutrition, disease and cruelty are part and parcel with cutting costs on mass production. in Australia alone, upward of 12 million chickens are locked away in tiny cages with barely room to move. No amount of bargain burgers will ever make up for, or justify, such inhumane practises.

Which is why we here at Benny, in creating the best ever burger, have gone to the Burds….
For over fifty years the Free-range hens of Goulburn Valley Farm have been doing just what the name suggests: ranging, roaming, rambling free! The Burd families’ bird family (pun intended and really rather unavoidable) are such happy, healthy hens that Goulburn Valley Farm is the first to have been awarded the RSPCA’s official tick of approval for their egg-ceptional quality eggs. In these parts, chook satisfaction is the number 1 priority. Because happy, healthy hens lay happy, healthy eggs. #chickenrun #bornfree #freeasabird

Spud Smart For Life

Here’s a terrifying fun fact: the fries at some fast food franchises can contain up to 19 ingredients! 19 ingredients? How much pampering and tampering does one little spud need?

At Benny Burger, our fugly little spuds are transformed into delicious, golden, crispy fries with just the addition of oil and salt….because we believe our potatoes are beautiful just the way they are.
#noadditives #nofilter


Is the potatoes natural habitat, regardless of whether in the ground or out at sea, in a plane, or on a boat? The longer a vegetable sits the more nutritional value it loses. So our 100% Australian-grown spuds stay snug in the soil at Gembrook Farm, nurtured in accordance with the strictest quality control standards.


Through minimal transport and packaging controls, operations at Gembrook Farm have reduced raw material wastage by 80%.

Brother and sister team, Anthony Faillar and Christina de Souza accept nothing but the best, and we all know a tight ship makes for a good chip.


Ever heard of Dimethypolysiloxane?

No, it’s not a German thrash metal band. It’s actually a form of silicone used in hair products, silly putty, and some fast food French fries.

Call us simple, but we prefer to fashion our fries the old fashioned way; dig ‘em, fry ‘em, salt ‘em.
#youdig? #keepingitreal